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C.C. Goodwin experienced great events during his lifetime.  Born in a bucolic 16th century hamlet in England, he entered adulthood just as the Industrial Revolution changed England forever.  He joined the Mormon church during its dramatic British expansion, then followed his faith to Utah during the height of the U.S. Civil War.  He was a central figure in the last days of Mormon polygamy. 

He then transplanted himself to the emergent California, leading the way for many of his descendants.  The discovery of oil in 1921 transformed Long Beach, bringing incredible wealth and an explosive growth in population.  This attracted other Goodwins who flowed to southern California in the early 1920’s.  In addition to son Frank and daughter Rose, who were already in California, the entire family of son Harry, including wife, Alice and 9 children (some of whom were married) moved to Long Beach in 1922. 

One of those was his grandson Alfred Goodwin who left Utah for Long Beach in 1922 with his new bride Marvilla.  Alfred and Marvilla are my grandparents.

I am the great-great grandson of C.C. Goodwin.  I am proud to have Goodwin blood in my veins.  Family history is one of my hobbies.  I am committed to digitizing and then sharing the stories, documents and photographs of my ancestry.  This page includes both the 30 page biography (see link below) and a photo album of digitized photos that you are welcome to download (see link above).

Brad Goodwin

Vancouver, Washington

August 2013

Charles Clifford Goodwin
British emigrant, early Utah settler & civil servant, California farmer

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